We hear this all the time!! Foam was invented in the 60's by 

Sven Coomer owner of Zipfit

 he abandoned it in the 70's 

Hi Charlie,

My name is Kate and I work full time as a ski instructor at ..... Mountain. My
Surefoot liners are hurting my feet and I was wondering if you could help me get into a pair of Zipfits to help save my season.
Thank you in advance for your help!

How the #1 Zipfit Sellers in the USA Sell Zipfit!! 

The Kind of letter we get ALL the time!!

December 19, 2016

Steve Bagley
Superior Ski
Snowbird, Utah

Re: Zip Fit custom boot fitting

Mr. Bagley

In all of my years of skiing I have experienced right foot ski boot pain.  Different boots were tried, numerous types and manufacturers tested, sports physicians consulted, expert ski therapist’s tried, many custom formed foot inserts purchased and literally hundreds of hours and dollars in an attempt to achieve a normal pain free skiing experience, all to no avail.  This year I decided to move in the direction of the Zip Fit liner and explain the past failures to you in the anticipation of a resolution.  Your knowledge, patience and implementation of a solution have resulted in a first time pleasure of attacking the mountain without discomfort. 

Thank you for that experience.


President/Sr. Investigator  

Bob Gleason - Owner Boot Doctors Telluride, Masterfit Senior Instructor, Americas Premier Boot fitter 

Bob, How do you sell Zipfit?
"It's Easy.  Any customer who comes in with a Foam boot, you put zip on one foot and their foam on the other. They buy Zipfit every time.  Foam is from the 60s.  Did not work then and still does not work. Zipfit is the BEST aftermarket liner you can buy."

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