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Aksel visits Phenix HQ in Tokyo

 Kjetil Jansrud

Gold SG - Sochi 
Silver GS- Whistler
Bronze- DH Sochi 

Aksel Lund Svindal
2 x Overall WC Champion
#2 in the World 
Fastest Man in the World Cup  

Henrik Kristofferson

Bronze SL- Sochi

Aksel Visits  Phenix HQ in Japan

We are proud to introduce the brand new freestyle line from Phenix. Featuring Askel Lund Svindal

Behind the scenes at Phenix's state of the art design lab. Take an inside look at how our unparalleled products are made.


Norwegian National Alpine Ski Team

Ever since the year of 1993, Phenix has been the
official uniform supplier of  the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team.
Through all these years we are proud to share the exciting andjoyful moments
when the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team fascinates the whole world with their

skillful performance in FIS World Cup circuits.
Products constantly worn and tested by a number of famous
World Champion and Olympic Medalists
have been a great resource of our products innovation.
Just like the Norwegian Alpine Ski team never hesitate to polish their skills.
Phenix ever hesitate to improve our products performance.
We are thrilled to start another winter season with Norwegian Alpine Ski team.
Let’s keep a close eye on World Cup Overall Champion – Aksel Lund Svindal.


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