Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bags

Hot Gear Bags are now Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bags!

We have Heating  Elements for Old Hot Gear bags!!

Much better then the old ones including a 2 year Warranty!! 

$110 (Free Shipping) 

Classic Black- $215

Ajax - $205

                                                                                Pro- $249.

New Exec - Flat Pack overhead bin compatible High tech Modern Heated Boot bag. 

                                                                            EXEC- $230.

All Bags Feature - Denier 600 Nylon HD Construction, Heated Step Pad, Pockets Galore, Back Pack Straps, Shoulder Straps,
110 V AC /12V DC,  3 Heat settings up to 165 Degrees2 YEAR WARRANTY!   

Click Here for More Info, Videos, Replacement Elements for Hot Gear & Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bags